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Monday, July 6, 2020

Council of Europe and hate speech Baku 2019 – Bissera Zankova

“Hate speech for the purpose of the Recommendation entails the use of one or more particular forms of expression -namely, the advocacy, promotion or incitement of the denigration, hatred or vilification of a person or group of persons, as well any harassment, insult, negative stereotyping, stigmatization or threat of such person or persons and any justification of all these forms of expression –that is based on a non-exhaustive list of personal characteristics or status that includes “race”, colour, language, religion or belief, nationality or national or ethnic origin, as well as descentage, disability, sex, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation.” 


VR and Social Media and Online Training: Medical Realities - Basic Life Support during Covid-19

Educational video for Medical Realities on Basic Life Support During Covid - 19 for training medical staff. The project was created during lockdown in UK using entirely online network methodology for media production. Students from Escape studios volunteered to contribute to the production aiding NHS by working from home computers and using online tools for development and communication.

Producer: Escape Studios, Pearson College; Art Director: Iliana Franklin; Digital Color: Leroy Dias; Previs: Molly Babington; Script: Stevie Stedman; Sound design: Austin Hill. 

Mediaframe Studios presents: Episode # 1: “Identity Theft” by Brigita Auskalnyte

Content creators usually have a following – followers. It is portrayed as a crowd that follow the creator. Within the crowd there is always someone there wanting to use the artist. So they sneak up, steal either their work or even their identity and use to their advantage online. The crowd then starts to follow the faker and push the real artist aside giving the thief more attention because they do not know any better. People are keen to notice artists through their work and not personality, so if someone reports content without permission, the fans most likely will think it’s posted by the original creator and then end up giving support to the thief.

Mediaframe Studios Presents: Social Media Injustice. Episode 2: "Wild Wild Web"

“The comparison of fake news detecting and fact-checking AI based solutions” by Andrej ┼ákolkay and Juraj Filin 
Information disorder is a term that is increasingly being used as an umbrella for the concepts of disinformation, misinformation and malinformation. It proliferated as a novel and useful term to describe the unwanted state of information pollution online, which has sparked an intensive academic and political debates. 
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Mediaframe presents: Social media and injustice - Episode # 3 "Bittersweet"

We start from the basic premise that gender equality comprises an important aspect of the general issue of equality in society perceived as social involvement, use of and benefiting from all social opportunities on an equal footing by everyone. It is a fundamental human rights’ principle and “women’s human rights are an inalienable, integral and indivisible part of universal human rights.”